Asylum Claims and Humanitarian Protection claims

You can apply for asylum or humanitarian protection claim in the UK if your fear persecution or inhumane and ill-treatment in your home country.

In some cases, the Home Office may certify the application as clearly unfounded, meaning that the application was submitted with no valid grounds. If your application is certified, you will then have to return to your home country to appeal the decision. However, you may still be able to challenge that decision in-country through a Judicial Review.

Whilst many claims for asylum and humanitarian protection will succeed or fail together, there are cases where an individual can still successfully claim Humanitarian Protection even where a claim for asylum might fail.

We can provide more detailed advice for lawyers and advisors representing victims of trafficking in the asylum process (e.g. on preparing statements and seeking expert evidence

You can also submit a fresh claim/further submission for asylum or humanitarian protection if you have new evidence that was not considered before by the Secretary of State.

We can provide advice and assistance with all matters involving asylum, humanitarian protection, discretionary leave as a result of failed asylum claim, fresh claims/further submissions, settlement (protection) and family reunion matters, including detention (bail applications), challenging deportation. 

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Legal Aid

Please note, those who want advice about claiming asylum are entitled, subject to their means, to legal aid (ie free legal advice and representation) to help them decide whether to claim asylum. If the person does decide to claim asylum, legal aid is available throughout the asylum process, including for representation in an asylum appeal. 

In terms of legal aid, an ‘asylum claim’ also includes humanitarian protection claims (on the basis of a real risk of serious harm/discriminate violence) and claims based on Article 2 and Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Please see the Law Society website to find out more about legal aid 

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