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By Kalvin P. Chapman I have been a qualified solicitor for five years, prior to that I had 18 months as a trainee solicitor and ~four years as a paralegal.  Save for a short period I have always worked in litigation.  I therefore have seen what is “usual” over that period, including the errors people [...]

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GRG: What The Ombudsman Says

By Kalvin P Chapman  During the IRHP review, most lawyers became aware that where it could RBS would impose an alternative IRHP product on an SME.  The alternative product meant, over-all, that RBS paid little or nothing.  As such, any dispute with RBS must include a consideration of what to do if RBS rejects the [...]

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GRG: What You Need to Know

By Kalvin P Chapman We have written a lot about GRG previously.  However, we have seen a pattern in people contacting us (we are a unique litigation only firm that has substantial experience in litigation against banks by SMEs, so we are contacted a lot). When I qualified in 2012 I went to work on [...]

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PPI and The Latest FCA Compensation Scheme

It was hoped that the banking industries' long running PPI headache would come to an end in August 2019, with the announcement by the FCA of a deadline for bringing PPI claims. The FCA has now embarked upon a significant advertising campaign to try and attract those customers who have never previously complained, whilst also [...]

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PPI, Plevin & The Case of the FCA’s Decisions

The FCA has placed a final date for when PPI claimants can recover their PPI premia (August 2019). In relation to “Plevin”, undisclosed commission and the unfair relationship provisions under the Consumer Credit Act, it has introduced guidance against which an unfair relationship is tested, a rebuttable presumption of unfairness if the undisclosed commission is [...]

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Royal Bank of Scotland Plc (“RBS”) Global Restructuring Group (“GRG”) Complaints’ Process

Most, if not all, of SMEs have now received either their final offer or the cash for the automatic refund scheme.  The entire scheme was automated and the input of bank customers and their advisors was not allowed. The stage for most GRG cases is to make a complaint to RBS under the terms of [...]

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Cerberus By Kalvin P. Chapman 06/03/2017 On our Lloyds page (please see here) I discussed issues relating to Lloyds, HBSO and Bank of Scotland. One of the issues raised is Cerberus. Here I develop the issues and perceived issues with Cerberus. The best explanation of issues relating to Cerberus was set out by George Kerevan [...]

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At Least You Saved On Lawyer’s Fees

By Kalvin P. Chapman I have been in law since 2006.  At one stage I offered a service (and still do) for defending order for sale cases brought by the Child Support Agency (as it then was).  This article is an explanation of why saving money on lawyer’s fees can be a very expensive failure [...]

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Interest Rate Hedging Product (“IRHP”) Litigation At the High Court

By Kalvin P Chapman I recently noted some of the more important cases that will be heard at the Court of Appeal (see here).  This article covers the cases that are expected to go to trial shortly. Why am I talking about IRHP cases that are going to trial?  Three reasons: WW Properties Ltd v National [...]

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