Right-to-work: Challenging Civil Penalties

Have you received a fine for an illegal working offence?  These are becoming increasingly common in the UK. The fact that liability can occur solely through minor mistakes, potential fines of up to £20,000 and the significant risks mean that this should be something small businesses address. A total of 152 civil penalties with [...]

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Latest Immigration Statistics: Is the New System Actually Working?

The Home Office published its quarterly data regarding employment-based immigration at the end of last week, which often indicates trends in immigration applications.  This encompasses applications through to March 2022 so includes three quarters in the UK in which there were only minor restrictions on travel caused by the pandemic.  A better comparator in respect [...]

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An Easier UK Visa For High Potential Individuals

A new UK visa category allows some overseas graduates permission to work in the UK for two years.  This is significant because most existing immigration programmes require sponsorship and investment by UK-based employers.  Individuals seeking to work in the UK without this who are graduates of the relevant universities should be aware of this [...]

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New Opportunities in the 2022 Immigration Rules

New Immigration Rules were published on 11th April which will take effect on dates between this month and May.    There is an enormous amount of detail in these – over 2oo pages in total – but there are significant changes which may, we feel, help our clients in the near future. A New High [...]

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