Evidence – Relief from Sanctions (High Court)

By Sebina Noreen Malik The defendant, Sheffield United Limited raised an issue about two share sale agreements made between the claimant and the defendant, which appeared to be signed by HRH Prince Abdulrahman on behalf of UTB LLC. Application for relief from Sanctions On the 9th day of the trial the defendant provided a draft [...]

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Loss of Chance When a Third Party Gives Evidence at Trial (High Court)

By Sebina Noreen Malik This case relates to a joint venture property transaction between two property development companies. Background The claimant instructed an experienced solicitor in business transactions to achieve the best possible terms for the deal. The defendant solicitors negligently failed to advise the claimant that the terms of the agreement deprived him of [...]

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Can a Dissolved Company Apply for a Freezing Order

By Sebina Noreen Malik In the High Court (Zacaroli J) considered whether a dissolved company, that did not exist, could be granted a freezing order whilst there was a pending application to restore the company to the register by the company director and shareholder. Background The claimant, a company that was dissolved, had applied for [...]

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The Disclosure Pilot Scheme (High Court)

By Sebina Noreen Malik Disclosure in commercial litigation is an expensive process. To reduce the increasing cost of litigation and to achieve a more efficient and cost effective approach to disclosure, the Courts introduced the Disclosure Pilot Scheme (DPS), which applies to cases in the Business and Property Court proceedings from 1 January 2019, including [...]

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Privacy Right Breached

By Sebina Noreen Malik The Hight Court has held that an individual’s right to privacy has been breached by the publication of a news article containing information about him relating to an investigation. The Claimant was a businessman and the chief executive of a UK company who had applied for an injunction to remove a [...]

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Litigation Tips

By Kalvin P. Chapman I have been a qualified solicitor for five years, prior to that I had 18 months as a trainee solicitor and ~four years as a paralegal.  Save for a short period I have always worked in litigation.  I therefore have seen what is “usual” over that period, including the errors people [...]

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GRG: What The Ombudsman Says

By Kalvin P Chapman  During the IRHP review, most lawyers became aware that where it could RBS would impose an alternative IRHP product on an SME.  The alternative product meant, over-all, that RBS paid little or nothing.  As such, any dispute with RBS must include a consideration of what to do if RBS rejects the [...]

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PPI and The Latest FCA Compensation Scheme

It was hoped that the banking industries' long running PPI headache would come to an end in August 2019, with the announcement by the FCA of a deadline for bringing PPI claims. The FCA has now embarked upon a significant advertising campaign to try and attract those customers who have never previously complained, whilst also [...]

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