Like our clients, Muldoon Britton does business around the world. We know that national borders are increasingly irrelevant in an age where clients are operating globally and need assistance wherever their issues may be.

Helping clients with their legal issues in other countries forms a significant proportion of our workload. Many of our clients come to us for assistance with international matters because of our reputation in this area.

Our International Alliance

Operating in unfamiliar legal markets can be daunting. Accordingly, when a client needs legal help abroad we take responsibility for the work and remain the point of contact for our client – ensuring that problems are filtered and services co-ordinated.

We advise on strategy and commercial risk and liaise with our hand-picked partner firms to ensure our approach and documentation complies with local laws and customs. This way we are able to provide the same seamless client service experience that our clients are used to when we advise on their domestic matters. Clients avoid the hassle of dealing with multiple firms and get a consistent service from lawyers who understand how they like things done.

A common theme in our service review feedback is that to clients we feel like an “in house” resource.