Judicial Review

What is a Judicial Review?

If a public body (such as local council or a government body) has made a decision which directly and adversely impacts you, we might be able to help.

Our expert solicitors at Muldoon Britton can guide you through the steps of judicial review and advise on the possibility of challenging this decision.

Judicial Review Process

The Court will review the lawfulness of the decision made by the public body. A judge will specifically assess the way in which the decision was made and determine whether the decision itself is lawful and reasonable.

If you wish to challenge a public body decision, you will need to act fast as there are strict timescales to comply with. Judicial Review claims must generally be brought within three months following a decision.

Outcome of a Judicial Review

The Court will generally order one of three specific judicial review remedies:

  1. An order quashing the decision in question (quashing order).
  2. An order restraining the public body from acting beyond its powers (prohibiting order).
  3. An order requiring the public body to carry out its legal duties (mandatory order).

As a litigation-only firm, our solicitors are highly experienced in every step of the litigation process, and this includes the distinct procedures of judicial review. We will outline all of your options and collectively determine the best approach to achieve your desired outcome.

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