Lawyers for Business

At Muldoon Britton, we have a trusted team of litigation and dispute resolution solicitors who are highly experienced.

Trusted Litigation Solicitors

Our litigation solicitors at Muldoon Britton have dealt with a wide range of cases ranging from £1,000 through to £60 million. We can advise your business on areas such as:

  1. Bank disputes;
  2. Personal guarantee disputes;
  3. RBS GRG and/or RBS Capital resolution disputes;
  4. LIBOR Disputes;
  5. Foreign Exchange disputes;
  6. Competition disputes;
  7. Partnership disputes (including partnership agreement disputes)
  8. Shareholder and/or director disputes;
  9. Debt;
  10. Debt recovery;
  11. Asset and property disputes;
  12. Contract disputes.

As we are a litigation-only law firm, there are very few areas that our solicitors have not dealt with.

Talk to us. We can consider your case and the funding options that may be available.  Litigation funding can be considered for some cases, but may not be right for every case.

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