Clandestine Entrant Fines

If a vehicle is found to have “clandestine entrants” on board, the driver and/or the driver’s firm can be fined up to £2,000 per person found on the vehicle. Ports such as Calais (France) have seen a huge increase in individuals seeking to enter the UK, most often by hiding in trucks driving through ports of entry.

What to do if you get a Clandestine Entrants fine

You’ll have 28 days to appeal this decision. Our immigration solicitors can guide you through the entire appeal process.

If you do not appeal on time, then you are expected to pay the fine within 60 days. If you fail to pay the fine, your vehicle (and its contents) can be impounded the next time you try to re-enter the UK.

Civil Penalty Accreditation Scheme

You may be able to reduce your fines by joining the Government’s accreditation scheme. For more information, contact our specialist immigration team today.

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