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Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 “Clandestine Entrant” Fines

Under the 1999 Act if a truck or vehicle is found to have “clandestine entrants” on board the driver and/or the diver’s firm can be fined. The fines can be up to £2,000 per person found on the vehicle. So, if you are found to have 10 clandestine entrants on-board you face a possible £20,000 fine. Fines of this size are handed out regularly. Calais and similar ports have seen a huge increase of those seeking to enter the UK, often by hiding on and in trucks driving through the ports.

What Can Muldoon Britton Do
If you wish to appeal against the fine you have only 28 days. It is absolutely essential that you contact Muldoon Britton urgently, because drafting an appeal is not a fast process. If you do not appeal on time, then the fine must be paid within 60 days and there is very little you can about it after this.

To be clear: Your vehicle can be impounded if you do not pay. That means that the next time the truck comes to the UK it (and its contents) can be impounded. The contents would be released, but the cost would be high.

Muldoon Britton is a litigation only firm. That means that 50% of our time all we do is work out how to argue something. Appealing a fine under the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 needs not only a concise ability to argue facts, but to also argue the rules and how the rules (including the Code) are applied. Our ability to weave a narrative around the factual matrix of the case and the rules that apply can be the difference between you paying the fine and you not paying the fine.

Ask yourself: Who would you prefer making that argument? A highly experienced litigation solicitor or a truck driver?

Accreditation & Letter of Advice

You can reduce your fines if you join the Government’s accreditation scheme. You could also bolster that by asking Muldoon Britton to provide you with a “dos and don’ts” letter of advice, which will advise you on how best to protect your business, your drivers and your customers’ goods.

Contact Muldoon Britton today and we will help you as quickly as we can.