Bankruptcy Petitions For EU Nationals

Muldoon Britton have experience in advising Republic of Ireland citizens and other EU nationals who wish to relocate to Northern Ireland in order to present a bankruptcy petition.

Our specialist bankruptcy solicitors at Muldoon Britton are able to provide services to help EU nationals present a bankruptcy petition to English courts,

A Comprehensive Solution

Muldoon Britton offer a comprehensive service to our European clients looking to file a bankruptcy petition in England, including accurate legal advice, debt advice and information on the procedures and bankruptcy process. Legal advice is necessary as EC regulations on insolvency state that EU nationals may bring bankruptcy petitions to England from another country, however when it comes to Irish citizens, the High Court must decide is the debtors has a main interest in that particular jurisdiction, meaning that a strong case must be presented.

Muldoon Britton’s solicitors have experience in international law and are aware of the restrictions that can often impact on European citizens who wish to present a bankruptcy petition. We work on your behalf with the aim of ensuring that your application to the courts is watertight and that there are no small pieces of information that could see your petition disregarded by English courts.

While some might refer to bankruptcy tourist as a passport to debt forgiveness, we at Muldoon Britton believe that you should not be penalised nor should you have limited options just because of where you live. We are therefore dedicated to assisting our European and EU National clients in finding the relevant solutions for their debt problems, even if this means declaring yourself bankrupt by relocation to the UK.

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