Group Litigation

Group Litigation

Group litigation and class action is the collective management of a group of legal claims that all relate to the same or a similar issue. The most recent example is that of the Group Litigation Order for women who have been complaints in relation to PIP implants against clinics and surgeons, and other examples include cases of mis-selling in the finance sector. Such cases are generally publicly announced and widely talked about, and many calls are made to anybody who has suffered the same experience to come forward. In some group action cases, claims will be the same, such as mis-selling, whereas some will have minor differences such as in the case of medical group claims.

At Muldoon Britton, we are handlers of group litigation orders and are able to bring justice for groups of people affected by the same issues. We have a team consisting of litigation specialists, solicitors in all areas of law including finance and medical law and more, and our aim is to seek redress for our clients. Whether you have suffered financial loss, physical or emotional injury or any other form of problem where a company or other person is to blame, and where others have been affected in the same way, Muldoon Britton can provide legal advice and representation in mass claims.

Act Fast

It is essential in most group litigation order cases and class action claims that action is taken quickly if you feel that you should be included in the register for a particular claim. This is because there are generally certain time limits set out by regulators to allow claimants to come forward and be included, and generally a cut-off date for claims is publicly announced by way of written publication or TV/radio broadcast. Class actions, group actions, group litigation and multi-party actions are all names for this complicated area of the law, and require careful collection of evidence, presentation of findings, investigation and legal advice. Contact Muldoon Britton today for assistance in your group action claim to secure compensation, seek damages or to simply get justice for wrongdoing.

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