Professional Negligence

If you have been given inadequate, bad or incorrect advice from a qualified professional such as a doctor, solicitor or surveyor, and in particular if the advice of a professional has led to financial losses, then you may be entitled to compensation for professional negligence.

Muldoon Britton have successfully brought legal proceedings against professionals from various industries whose negligent advice has caused loss to a prospective claimant.
Resolving Disputes with Professional Persons

All qualified professionals have a duty of care to act with reasonable skill and care when advising or providing services to clients. If they do not act with reasonable skill and care and do not meet their professional obligations, or make a mistake that a reasonably competent professional in the same circumstances would not have made, this may amount to professional negligence

Given that professional negligence claims are often not well received by prospective defendants, it t is never advisable to take action yourself and you should always seek immediate legal advice from an experienced solicitor.

Our lawyers are highly experienced in a wide variety of professional negligence actions against solicitors, accountants, tax advisors and surveyors.  Any qualified and regulated professional owes their client’s a duty of care to provide reasonably competant advice; to the extent that the professional has fallen below this standard, you should seek immediate advice to discuss your query.

If you wish to make a claim for professional negligence, please contact us for assistance.

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