GRG: What The Ombudsman Says

By Kalvin P Chapman  During the IRHP review, most lawyers became aware that where it could RBS would impose an alternative IRHP product on an SME.  The alternative product meant, over-all, that RBS paid little or nothing.  As such, any dispute with RBS must include a consideration of what to do if RBS rejects the [...]

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GRG: What You Need to Know

By Kalvin P Chapman We have written a lot about GRG previously.  However, we have seen a pattern in people contacting us (we are a unique litigation only firm that has substantial experience in litigation against banks by SMEs, so we are contacted a lot). When I qualified in 2012 I went to work on [...]

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Royal Bank of Scotland Plc (“RBS”) Global Restructuring Group (“GRG”) Complaints’ Process

Most, if not all, of SMEs have now received either their final offer or the cash for the automatic refund scheme.  The entire scheme was automated and the input of bank customers and their advisors was not allowed. The stage for most GRG cases is to make a complaint to RBS under the terms of [...]

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Interest Rate Hedging Product (“IRHP”) Litigation At the High Court

By Kalvin P Chapman I recently noted some of the more important cases that will be heard at the Court of Appeal (see here).  This article covers the cases that are expected to go to trial shortly. Why am I talking about IRHP cases that are going to trial?  Three reasons: WW Properties Ltd v National [...]

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Royal Bank of Scotland & Global Restructuring Group (“GRG”)

By Kalvin P Chapman In November 2013 there was a report published by the entrepreneur in residence at the department for Business Innovation & Skills.  The entrepreneur was Lawrence Tomlinson, who owned numerous businesses, including a care home business.  The report stated that RBS was unfairly treating its customers.  It was a ground breaking report, [...]

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RBS’s Punitive Reaction to Litigation

By Kalvin P Chapman Many people that owned businesses that were ruined by RBS have often asked why they were targeted.  Today we have the evidence.  The Government failed to get us the evidence.  The FCA actively hid the evidence from us.  The Courts ruled that most of the evidence is privileged because Clifford Chance [...]

RBS: Global Restructuring Group (“GRG”) Report Delayed Further?

By Kalvin P. Chapman 22/09/2016  As outlined by Muldoon Britton previously, the Department for Innovation & Skills issued a report by its entrepreneur in residence, Lawrence Tomlinon in November 2013.  That report identified some of the horrific things alleged to have taken place in RBS’s infamous GRG division. In January 2014 the FCA instructed an [...]

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Global Restructuring Group (“GRG”): What Do We Know?

By Kalvin P. Chapman As noted in my article (here) on 13 September 2016, the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) ordered review into Royal Bank of Scotland’s (“RBS”) turn-around division, Global Restructuring Group (“GRG”) in January 2014.  This was  known as a s. 166 investigation that would produce an independent report.  This report was handed to [...]

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Global Restructuring Group (GRG): Current Position

By 2012, when the then Financial Services Authority (“FSA”) announced the review into banks’ behaviour in the sale of Interest Rate Hedging Products (“IRHPs”) it was very apparent to those of us that specialised in this that something was dangerously wrong at the Royal Bank of Scotland. Clients who had been sold IRHPs by RBS [...]