An injunction is a legal tool used by courts as a preemptive measure to compel or prohibit certain actions. These orders are always granted on a temporary basis, typically in emergency situations. Applying for an injunction can be both challenging and expensive, carrying considerable risks. Therefore, it is crucial to seek guidance from professionals if you foresee the need to pursue this emergency remedy.

Getting the right advice on whether pursuing an injunction application is the right solution for your situation is crucial. Our guidance will shed light on the potential risks and consequences involved. Injunction applications are notorious for their expedited nature, but with our assistance, we’ll seamlessly guide you through the process and promptly strive to achieve the optimal outcome for you.

Instances where a injunction might be deemed suitable are illustrated by the subsequent scenarios:

  • Measures to prevent access to financial resources or assets (requests to restrict access to bank accounts or freeze assets)
  • Direct enforcement (a directive compelling a party to carry out a particular action, such as ensuring adherence to a contractual agreement)
  • Inhibiting the submission of winding-up petitions
  • Ensuring the preservation of contractual agreements and confidential information.
  • Conduct investigations (in order to retain evidence and/or safeguard belongings)
  • Disclosure mandates
  • Emphasising the importance of preventing copyright violation

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