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Welcome to Muldoon Britton.

Muldoon Britton is a dynamic litigation-only law firm.

Our offices are in London, Manchester, Dublin and New York.

We pride ourselves in providing excellence with energy. We work hard for our clients and offer innovative solutions.

We are forward thinking in terms of funding litigation and offer a range of funding options. We share the risks of litigation with our clients to facilitate access to justice and a level playing field in litigation.

Latest News

Mr K Neal

In an article on 16 June 2017 called, “Alan Shearer v Kevin Neal & Others”, we made the following comments; 1. Mr Neal had “left a trail of destruction behind him.” 2. Mr Neal had “skipped the country.” 3. Mr Neal’s investments “ultimate cost a large number of footballers [...]


Litigation Tips

By Kalvin P. Chapman I have been a qualified solicitor for five years, prior to that I had 18 months as a trainee solicitor and ~four years as a paralegal.  Save for a short period I have always worked in litigation.  I therefore have seen what is “usual” over that [...]


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