Entering England during coronavirus UK Government has recently announced that from 4:00am 30 November 2021, fully vaccinated people must self-isolate and take a PCR test before the end of day 2 after they arrive in England. They may leave self-isolation if their PCR result is negative. Lateral flow tests will not be accepted. You can [...]

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Freeholder Estopped from Claiming Possession

By Sebina Noreen Malik Ms Sahota, the claimant was estopped by Mrs Justice Falk from possession of the property during the lifetime of Mr and Mrs Prior, the defendants, save for non-payment of rent from the defendants. Background The defendants, in their sixties had purchased and occupied the property for over 35 years. They faced [...]

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APPG Banking

APPG Banking By Michael Muldoon   The All Party Parliamentary Group ("APPG") on Fair Business Banking launched in January 2017. I travelled to London with Kara Britton and Kalvin Chapman for the launch night. What Is The APPG? In 2008 many western banks collapsed, and this had a knock-on effect cross the economies of the western [...]

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Professional Negligence: Claims Against Solicitors

Seery v Leathes Prior (a firm) [2017] EWHC 80 (QB) (24 January 2017) There are a number of reasons to instruct a solicitor in regards to a potential claim against someone else.  With a law firm you get advice from people who have undertaken a lot of litigation and appreciate and understand how a claim [...]

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Yet Another LIBOR Manipulation Fine

By Kalvin P. Chapman The Swiss Competition regulator, COMCO, has fined banks for manipulation of the Swiss Franc LIBOR rate[1] and for acting as a cartel in EURIBOR rates[2]. EURIBOR COMCO includes the following in its press release: “COMCO reached the conclusion that between September 2005 and May 2008 several banks participated, for different durations, [...]

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I Want To Sue & Other Twitter Stories

By Kalvin P Chapman All solicitors hear the phrase. One of the areas where we are starting to see a rise in the use of the phrase “I want to sue” is in regards to Twitter and Facebook.  Quite often a glass of merlot in the middle of a hot summer’s evening someone will decide [...]

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Mr K Neal

In an article on 16 June 2017 called, “Alan Shearer v Kevin Neal & Others”, we made the following comments; 1. Mr Neal had “left a trail of destruction behind him.” 2. Mr Neal had “skipped the country.” 3. Mr Neal’s investments “ultimate cost a large number of footballers their retirement funds.” 4. That [...]

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