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Commercial Agency Disputes

We are highly experienced commercial agency solicitors and have experience representing both commercial agents as well as their principles in relation to their contractual rights and responsibilities.

Common Commercial Agency Disputes

A commercial agent is defined by the Commercial Agents (Council Directive) Regulations 1993.

Any person or company classed as a commercial agent pursuant to these regulations must adhere to the legislative framework that governs them, which also includes agency relationships, remuneration, notice periods and more.

In our experience, most agency disputes arise around the termination of an agency contact, and the parties rights and responsibilities when that contract is ended.  At Muldoon Britton, our lawyers regularly advise commercial agents and their principles in relation to agency disputes, in particular to disputes arising from the termination of agency contracts.

It is vital that any principal who is looking to terminate an agency contract that proper legal advice is sought at the earliest possible stage to ensure the correct procedures are followed.  However, should a dispute already be active we would equally be happy to assist with helping you to manage the matter in a cost effective and commercial manner.

Our UK legal experts are able to provide advice to clients in the US and UK on:

        • whether an agent is in fact a commercial agent under regulation definitions
        • whether a principal must pay compensation or indemnity on termination of an agency
        • how much a principle is liable to pay on termination of an agency
        • whether the actions of an agent justify immediate agency termination
        • in cross-border transactions, whether the Regulations apply to the relationship, and which court has jurisdiction (the relationships between principal and agent can sometimes cross international borders)


If you have a commercial agency dispute and require dispute resolutions lawyers in the US or UK, please contact us.