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Contract Disputes

We regularly advise on commercial contract disputes and have extensive experience advising on a wide range of  commercial disputes and disagreements. Our experience includes, but is not limited to:

        • Distributor and delivery disputes
        • Payment disputes
        • Financial contract disputes
        • Sale or hire disputes
        • Service disputes
        • Staff disputes

We have experienced and highly qualified solicitors who are specialists in commercial disputes.  As a litigation only law firm, contract disputes form a substantive part of our practice and we have the expertise and experience to advise you no matter what your dispute may be.  We act quickly,with discretion and with a commercial focus.

We are keen advocates of alternative dispute resolution, whether through formal mediation or arbitration process, or in facilitating without prejudice discussions between the parties in dispute.  In many instances, a commercial settlement is possible however, we are highly experienced with High Court litigation if required.

Contract Disputes of All Sizes

Our solicitors are equipped to take on contract disputes of all sizes, no matter how big or complicated. We understand that court action isn’t always appropriate and we will discuss your case with you, determine your options and assist you in making a decision as to the most commercial course of action to take, whilst highlighting any risks.

For a free discussion about a matter with one of our solicitors, please get in touch.