Debt Recovery

Businesses worldwide endure significant financial losses because of customers who are unable or refuse to pay what they owe.

At Muldoon Britton, our debt recovery solicitors have efficiently and effectively reclaimed various sums owed to our clients. We pride ourselves in our highly commercial and cost-effective approach, which is tailored to meet each client’s specific needs.

The Debt Recovery Process

It is standard practice for us to send an initial ‘letter before action’ to your debtor. Simply put, this is a letter demanding the debt be repaid within a specified time frame, e.g. 21 days. In our experience, the sight of an initial letter from a solicitor can be enough to urge your debtor pay what they owe you.

Whilst the letter before action often results in a dialogue between the parties to the dispute, further action may be required in some instances. If your debtor does not acknowledge the letter before action or no payment is made within the specified period, then we will determine the next best course of action.

We will offer our advice and guidance on all stages of the debt recovery process following the initial letter before action – this includes issuing court proceedings and enforcing judgments if necessary.

Talk to Us

We understand the delicate nature of debt matters on both sides and will work with both you and your debtor to come up with a solution that will see debts being repaid.

Contact us today to find out how we can help reclaim the money owed to you.