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Shareholder Disputes

In business, disputes often arise between shareholders, directors and/or partners. If a shareholder dispute arises between directors and/or other shareholders within your business, it can be particularly stressful and parties to a dispute often don’t always have a clear view of the situation.

Seeking advice at the earliest possible stage will often be the most cost effective route to reaching an amicable and commercial resolution to any dispute that has arisen.

Inter- Company Disputes

An internal dispute between directors and shareholders, can be extremely damaging to your business if not handled correctly.  Shareholder disagreements are not uncommon and it is important that you seek out reliable and experienced commercial advisors to manage any disagreements before they become more substantive disputes.

At Muldoon Britton, we have extensive experience detailing with a wide variety of shareholder disputes.  Recent examples include:

Director’s salary disputes
Breach of shareholder agreement
Conflicts of interest
Protection of minority shareholders
Breach of fiduciary duty
Claims under the Companies Act 2006

Muldoon Britton have many years advising clients on shareholder, partnership or director level disputes.  Our aim is always the same as yours – to reach an amicable resolution to any issues as quickly and as cost effectively as possible, and to allow your business to continue with the minimum disruption possible.