Child Support Agency Disputes

October 17, 2016

Muldoon Britton does not offer services in regards to general disputes with the former Child Support Agency.  Muldoon Britton, however, does provide a dispute resolution service in respect of Order for Sale litigation by the agency and related Tribunal disputes.  Muldoon Britton works closely with the experts in this field (such as NACSA) and undertakes litigation services such as defending Order for Sale proceedings, wherein the Child Support Agency seeks to sell the homes of Non Resident Parents who have outstanding child maintenance arrears.  Muldoon Britton’s Kalvin Chapman helped create the CSA’s Order for Sale process whilst working at Eversheds in 2008/09.  Not all cases will involve defending the application, but would instead seek terms of repayment that are acceptable to all parties.  In some cases, it may be necessary (where possible) to challenge the underlying maintenance assessment.  Mr Chapman has succeeded in having an entire assessment revoked by the Tribunal Service where the Parent With Care was not resident in the UK at the time of her application for child maintenance.

Contact Muldoon Britton today if you are facing an order for sale application or related enforcement activities by the CSA and its modern agency, the child maintenance service.

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