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Financial Services Disputes

In the modern world disputes over money are common.  An unpaid invoice is the most common.  However, since 2008 many disputes have come to light as a direct consequence of the actions (and sometimes inaction) of bankers.

Bankers are necessarily play a central role in most societies in the western world.  When they became highly greedy in the 19780s attempts were made to fix the system.  On 1 December 2001 the Financial Services & markets Act 2000 came in to force and was intended to regulate banks and financial businesses better.  This acted in addition to the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

Financial disputes include disputes regarding regulated products such as PPI and Interest Rate Hedging Products.  Since 2008 disputes have included people whose businesses were unlawfully put into the Roya bank of Scotland’s Global Restructuring Group, or since 2012 into the RBS Capital resolution team.

Disputes could involve personal guarantees that you have agreed with a bank but which you do not think are due and payable.  Insurance claims not being paid out are also a common form of financial dispute.

In addition to this, there are disputes such as unpaid invoices, loans being called in early and similar and related actions.

Muldoon Britton has a combined experience of decades working for consumers and businesses who are fighting back against banks acting unfairly or business contacts acting unfairly.  We have acted on all kinds of financial disputes, ranging from £1,000 disputes through to £60 million disputes.  Call us to discuss your case and we will look to work with you to take your case forward if possible.  We will also be clear with you if we think that your case is unlikely to succeed.  We would rather lose fees in being honest with you about the prospects of your case in the understanding that you will consider us at a later date when you have any other forms of dispute.  We are a litigation only firm, so you can be assured we have the expertise that you need.