LIBOR Manipulation

If you have a Lloyds, HBOS or Bank of Scotland LIBOR loan or hedging product dated between 2006 and 2009, please visit our dedicated page.

We are at the forefront of litigation involving LIBOR manipulation and have become increasingly active in this area of law.  We are well-placed to deal with claims against banks arising out of the regulatory investigations in respect of both Libor manipulations.

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Our solicitors are experts in banking and finance disputes and have a successful track record of litigating against the major banks. Our expertise covers many of the complex financial instruments that are involved in these claims such as swaps, repos & other derivatives and structured products where LIBOR is a key component. We strongly encourage claimants to come forward with potential Libor manipulation claims.

If you have any LIBOR-linked financial products, contact us today for a no-obligation discussion with one of our solicitors.