Is your company facing liquidation? Are you looking for commercial insolvency solutions?

We have a number of expert insolvency solicitors who can assist you with insolvency matters if your business is in distress.. Whether your business is set up as a limited company, partnership or any other structure, Muldoon Britton solicitors have the expertise to help.

We have experience acting on behalf of many clients including creditors, company directors, business purchaser and more and our corporate insolvency solicitors can deal with all manner of cases regardless of complexity or size.

Administration, Insolvency, Restructuring and Voluntary Arrangements

Whatever the state of your business, Muldoon Britton are able to assess your situation and take a pragmatic view of your business, before laying out the options available to you. We will take the time to give you a clear no-nonsense explanation of each of your options, to allow you to make an informed business decision about what is best for your business.

Equally, if we assess your company and feel that insolvency is the only solution, we will be honest with you and will offer support and guidance throughout the process.

Debt is about being honest about your ability to manage what you owe. It is very important that you are realistic about what you can afford, in order to resolve the issues you are facing. Please contact us at Muldoon Britton today to discuss your current circumstances.

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