Solicitors Negligence

When you employ the services of a solicitor for legal matters and to act on your behalf, it is reasonable to expect that these qualified legal professionals act in a certain manner and carry out their work to a high professional standard.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case and in some instances solicitors give negligent or do not handle  your legal matters correctly or professionally, which often results in financial or other loss. At Muldoon Britton, we are able to assist you if you wish to bring a professional negligence claim against a solicitor or barrister whom you feel has not met their obligations as a legal professional.

Professional negligence claims can be complex, especially considering that the professionals you are bringing proceedings against should have more knowledge of the law than you.  It is therefore important to seek advice and expertise from experienced solicitors to act on your behalf At Muldoon Britton, we have extensive experience in high value professional negligence claims against legal professionals.  We will do everything within our power and the limits of the law to bring redress for the losses and damage caused by professional negligence, and to claim financial compensation for the negligent work done by your previous solicitor.

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