Lawyers for You

If you have a legal issue in your personal life, you may require professional legal advice and in some instances you may also need representation. You can rely on Muldoon Britton for legal advice, guidance and representation in all of our individual legal matters.  Cases that we deal with for individuals ranges from probate disputes, consumer credit disputes, disputes over commission, disputes regarding mortgages and disputes over contracts.

Our aim is to provide you with first rate and professional legal services from solicitors with many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of various areas of English law.

Every case is unique, but we have decades of experience on our team.  As a litigation only firm you can be assured that we are unparalleled in the service we provide.

The principal areas that you may wish to consider instructing us on are:

  1. Disputes over a family member’s will;
  2. Disputes over the boundary of your house;
  3. Disputes with a previous solicitor regarding the services they gave to you;
  4. Disputes with other professionals, such as banks and accountants;
  5. Consumer credit issues (including credit cards);
  6. Issues with debts that you dispute;
  7. Disputes over a service or goods you have received.

We promise to provide:

Clear and concise no-jargon legal guidance and advice

Professional services that are tailored to your needs

A considerate and sympathetic view of your case

Expert solicitors who can test the boundaries of English law

Honest and transparent charging with no nasty surprises

We have a number of areas of personal legal services that we offer at Muldoon Britton, so please feel free to explore our website to see more information about specific areas of the law that we can assist you with. If however you cannot see any information that relates specifically to your problem, please do get in touch as there is no area of the law that we will not go to bring justice and get you what you need.

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