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Equine Law

If you have suffered from an accident involved a horse or other bloodstock, are in disputes over a claim on equine insurance or you have any other personal legal issue in relation to horses or bloodstock, Muldoon Britton can help. We have specialist equine solicitors who are able to aid you in all areas of equine law relating to your personal situation. We are able to offer legal advice, as well as provide legal services to injury victims, horse owners, shareholders, jockeys and anybody else who require legal assistance in relation to horses.

Animal Injury Claims

Muldoon Britton have many years of experience in personal injury claims, and more specifically claims in relation to horse accidents and accidents involving other animals. Should you have suffered an injury as a result of riding a horse, an accident involving a horse or other animal or an animal attack, our equine lawyers and bloodstock solicitors can help you to claim for damages and get compensation.

Other Bloodstock Legal Services

It’s not just all about accidents, however. Legal services are required in a range of instances, including:

  • Sale or purchase of a horse or other bloodstock
  • Livery agreements and arrangements
  • Loaning or borrowing horses
  • Veterinary negligence claims
  • Stable and land lease
  • Sponsorship agreements
  • Joint ownership ventures
  • Accident and injury claims
  • Grazing agreements
  • Insurance claims and disputes

The law in relation to bloodstock is complex and vast, and requires expertise in the specialist field of bloodstock law, and it is therefore essential that you have a qualified and knowledgeable solicitor who can provide all of the services that you need in a professional manner.

Muldoon Britton have many years of experience in all aspects of equine and bloodstock law, and we have highly successful solicitors in our team with expertise and specialist knowledge that is essential for all areas and cases involving equine and bloodstock law. If you require assistance in any area of bloodstock law, require legal advice or need legal representation, our solicitors at Muldoon Britton are always on hand to provide the assistance that you need.