Possession Proceedings

As a landlord, there are certain legal procedures that you must follow by law to gain repossession of your rented property. The exact process that will apply to you will vary and will depend directly on the type of tenancy agreement in place, but in most instances the landlord would be required to serve notice before repossessing the property through the court.

At Muldoon Britton, we have experienced and qualified tenancy and property solicitors who can provide correct, solid and sound legal advice on the legal side of repossession, the processes that you must go through and implications of not following procedure. So whether your tenants are not keeping up with rental payments, tenants are falling behind on council tax or other bills or the property is not being cared for in the correct manner, Muldoon Britton can help you to start legal proceedings to evict tenants and regain possession.

Possession Proceedings With Muldoon Britton

We have many years of experience in possession and eviction cases when it comes to rental property, and we are able to assist with:

  • Advice on serving notice to tenants to vacate a property, including amount of time required and wordings
  • Registration of tenancy deposit and how to claim deposit funds to property repairs
  • Accelerated possession procedure in emergency cases
  • Counterclaim defences brought against you by tenants who do not wish to vacate
  • Warrants to allow bailiffs to remove tenants and tenant application to stay

Possession claims are complicated, and the process can be long and drawn out depending on the case particulars. Whether you wish to seek advice prior to taking action, have already served notice, have a tenant refusing to leave after a notice period or anything else, you can rely on the professional expertise of our landlord and tenant solicitors at Muldoon Britton. We advise that you have your tenancy agreement, copies of notices served and any other documentation relating to the tenancy and possession claim that may help prior to contacting us so that we can discuss your case with you when you get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

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