Intellectual Property Disputes

The safeguarding of a business’s character is upheld through Intellectual Property (IP), universally recognised as the defense mechanism. Hence, irrespective of the particular sector, it becomes considerably crucial for all enterprises to shield their intellectual property.

Ensuring the legal safeguarding of your company’s intellectual assets is crucial, as they are susceptible to theft, duplication, or harm just like physical goods. This encompasses various forms of intangible property such as web or print content, videos, games, logos, designs, software, documents, and other items classified as soft products. It is imperative to extend protection against unauthorised actions like theft, duplication, resale, redistribution, or any unauthorised utilisation of these assets.

Helping to protect your company’s identity and soft products

In our digital era, the internet has become an indispensable platform for companies to project their identity, share crucial information, and showcase their work. Consequently, safeguarding your company’s intellectual property has become incredibly crucial in today’s landscape.

Muldoon Britton offers comprehensive protection against any attempt, by an individual or a corporation, to engage in illicit activities under your identity. This may include unauthorised trading under your name, replicating and selling your digital goods such as software, videos, content, among others. Moreover, we are capable of taking legal measures against those who copy and infringe upon your trademarks, product designs, logos, and more. By doing so, we not only prevent such actions in the future but also discourage potential wrongdoers from even considering engaging in similar illicit activities.

With a wide range of services offered, our team of knowledgeable solicitors specialising in intellectual property is here to provide their expertise in:

  • Applications for trademark protection
  • Applications for copyright protection
  • Patenting soft goods or digital assets
  • Rights obtained through registering designs
  • Rights acquired through unregistered designs

If you find yourself in need of guidance regarding matters related to intellectual property law, do not hesitate to reach out to our specialist solicitors for expert advice and assistance.

If you seek additional details about Intellectual Property Disputes, feel free to reach out to us. We eagerly await the opportunity to engage in an extensive conversation with you.

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