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Muldoon Britton is a dynamic litigation-only law firm.

Our offices are in London, Manchester, Dublin and New York.

We pride ourselves in providing excellence with energy. We work hard for our clients and offer innovative solutions.

We are forward thinking in terms of funding litigation and offer a range of funding options. We share the risks of litigation with our clients to facilitate access to justice and a level playing field in litigation.

Latest News

PPI, Plevin & The Case of the FCA’s Decisions

The FCA has placed a final date for when PPI claimants can recover their PPI premia (August 2019). In relation to “Plevin”, undisclosed commission and the unfair relationship provisions under the Consumer Credit Act, it has introduced guidance against which an unfair relationship is tested, a rebuttable presumption of unfairness [...]


Copyright: Youtube, Newspapers & Blogs

By Kalvin P Chapman  The Press Gazette has printed an article claiming that Rochdale Online, a news site, had sued the Manchester Evening News in the small claims court, arguing a breach of copyright, and won. We have been unable to see the pleadings in the case or the judgment [...]


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