Muldoon Britton has been instructed by a large company.  In 2011 the company instructed a law firm to litigate their IRHP claim against Barclays.  The FCA’s IRHP review was announced, so they entered into a standstill agreement and undertook the review.  Barclays made a terrible offer of redress that simply could not be accepted.  Barclays terminated the standstill agreement.  A barrister was asked to advise on the standstill.  The barrister had been at his Christmas party the night before providing advice, and advised that the client had 18 months to run before limitation took effect.  The client in fact had two months.  Their claim became time barred as a consequence.  The client has instructed Muldoon Britton to consider which parties have liability and to proceed with professional negligence claims against all relevant parties.  Their losses are in the region of £1 million to £2 million.

Some (not all) solicitors, barristers, accountants and claims management companies got things terribly wrong in the IRHP review process.  The FCA also got things wrong.  If you believe your solicitor, barrister, accountant or claims management company actively got something wrong (as opposed to RBS, for instance, just giving a low ball offer because they could) then contact Muldoon Britton today.  We can review your case and assist you in considering if there are steps that you may take.  We especially welcome instructions from Care Homes, Hotels, Property Developers and anyone caught out by HBOS and RBS, and later Lloyds, defaulting lending in dubious circumstances.