If injunctive proceedings are considered, it is imperative to act quickly and definitively in appointing legal representatives, and then in making an application for injunctive relief.  At Muldoon Britton, we have extensive experience of seeking and defending applications for injunctive relief and can mobilise our team to prepare application for injunctive relief at short notice.

Injunctions are a discretionary remedy and they are often used to prevent a person or company from engaging in specific acts or from doing particular activities,. Injunctive relief  is a specialist area of law and must be taken on by qualified and experienced solicitors like those at Muldoon Britton.

If you are currently in dispute with a person or company, or think that a dispute may arise, it is important to seek advice at the earliest possible stage.  This is particularly so if there is a risk of damange to your / your company’s reputation by the counter-party to a dispute.

At Muldoon Britton, we have a wealth of experience in successfullyobtaining injunctive relief for our clients, as well as successfully defending injunction applications against our clients and would be happy ot have a no obligation discussion about your case.
Freezing Orders

There are circumstances where litigation is in contemplation or has begun where the counter-party to a dispute may try to dispose of assets or otherwise ignore requests to stop certain activity.

Freezing orders will prevent disposal of assets until the case goes on a full trial, but the business is free to continue trading as usual and can continue to pay business costs and expenses. In the case of individuals, a person with a freezing order against them is able to continue to pay their personal expenses such as household bills until the case goes to trial, and can pay for legal costs from their frozen accounts. Often, freezing orders are referred to as the ‘nuclear weapon’ of law, because of the severe binding effect that it has on the defendant.

At Muldoon Britton, we have experience in obtaining freezing orders on behalf of our clients, or defending applications for a freezing order being made against individuals or corporate entities. If you are confronted with a freezing order, or think there is a real risk that assets of the counter-party to a dispute may dissipate their assets to frustrate enforcement of a court award, please get in touch to discuss how a freezing order may help you in these circumstances.