Civil Penalties

Penalties for employing illegal workers
If you are proven responsible for hiring an individual whom you were aware or had a justified reason to believe lacked the authorization to work in the United Kingdom, the consequential penalties might involve a prison sentence lasting half a decade along with an immeasurable financial penalty.
This includes, for example, if you had any reason to believe that:
  • Entry or stay in the UK was denied to them
  • Their stay duration had surpassed the allowed period
  • They were prohibited from engaging in specific job categories
  • Their documents were inaccurate or forged
Verify that your workforce possesses the legal eligibility to operate within the United Kingdom and ensure that their official paperwork remains legitimate.
Check your employees properly

Failure to conduct proper checks on an individual’s right to work can result in penalties if you choose to employ them despite their lack of authorization.

Should this circumstance arise, there is a possibility that you will receive notification of a ‘referral notice’ informing you that your situation is under evaluation and indicating that you may be liable to pay a civil penalty (fine) reaching £20,000 for every unauthorized employee.

If it is determined that you are responsible, a ‘civil penalty notice’ will be sent to you, granting you a 28-day window to provide a response.

Included in the notice are instructions regarding payment, guidance for subsequent steps, and information on disputing the verdict.

Immigration Enforcement has the authority to disclose your business’s information, aiming to alert fellow enterprises about the consequences of hiring undocumented workers.

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