Mr K Neal

June 18, 2015

In an article on 16 June 2017 called, “Alan Shearer v Kevin Neal & Others”, we made
the following comments;
1. Mr Neal had “left a trail of destruction behind him.”
2. Mr Neal had “skipped the country.”
3. Mr Neal’s investments “ultimate cost a large number of footballers their
retirement funds.”
4. That “almost everyone now regrets the decision to follow Mr Neal’s advice.”
5. That the funds sold by Mr Neal were “ridiculously insolvent.”
6. That in relation to the funds sold by Mr Neal, “financial advisors either forgot
to mention the risks or simply lied…would tell the consumers there was no
Regrettably, no attempt to was made to verify the accuracy of these comments and
we cannot confirm them to be true.
We apologise to Mr Neal for any distress caused by the article.

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