Intellectual Property Disputes

Intellectual Property, also known as IP, protects the identify of a business so it is vital that IP is protected. Muldoon Britton have specialist intellectual property lawyerswho are able to assist should any issues arise in relation to the intellectual property that belongs to your business.

Your company’s intellectual property should be given the same legal protection as physical goods that are stolen, copied or damaged. It is important for all businesses, regardless of industry, to protect intellectual property, such as content on websites or printed literature, videos, games, logos, designs, software, documents and reports and anything else that is classed as a soft product. This protection should extend to theft, copy, resale, redistribution or used in any way that is not permitted by you.

Helping To Protect Your Company’s Identity and Soft Products

Today, a large amount of a company’s identity, information and work is displayed via the internet. It is therefore more important now than ever before to protect your company’s intellectual property. Whether it is a company or individual trying to trade illegally under your name, a person copying and reselling your digital products such as software, content, videos or similar or even copying your logos, product designs and so on, Muldoon Britton can ensure that legal action is taken against them to prevent this, and to act as a deterrent to others who may be minded to do the same.

Our expert intellectual property solicitors can assist with:

        • Trademark applications
        • Copyright applications
        • Patenting of soft items/digital property
        • Registered Design Rights
        • Unregistered Design Rights

Please contact us at Muldoon Britton to discuss any intellectual properties queries you may have.

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