Parent of a Child Student Visa

Only parents of children who are already applying for or have started the application process for a Child Student Visa are eligible to submit an application for this particular visa.

When you submit your application, it is essential that your child falls within the age range of 4 to 11 years old and is currently enrolled in a privately-funded educational institution in the United Kingdom.

In addition, it is essential that you undertake the following tasks:

  • To qualify, you must assume sole responsibility as the sole guardian accompanying your child in the United Kingdom.
  • It is imperative to possess sufficient financial means to sustain both yourself and your child during your stay in the UK.
  • Ensure that your primary residence remains outside the borders of the UK.
  • Establish concrete plans to depart from the UK upon the expiration of your visa.

The UK visa does not allow the child’s other parent, who must reside abroad, to apply and accompany you. Moreover, this visa does not permit you to bring any additional family members. However, there might be an opportunity for them to apply for a short-term visit visa if they wish to come to the UK.

If your other children possess or are seeking a Child Student Visa, feel free to accompany them to the designated location.

How Long can I stay?

Until either your child’s visa expires or they reach the age of 12, whichever event comes first, you have the option to remain in the UK together.

If your child stays in the UK while you depart from the country, it is essential that you organize their continuous care. For instance, if your child is 12 years old and holds a valid visa, they might have the option to enroll in a boarding school or reside with relatives residing in the UK.

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How much it costs

The cost to obtain a Student visa for a Child’s Parent amounts to £531.

As an integral part of your online application, you will be obligated to settle the healthcare surcharge, which amounts to £624 per visa year.

It is imperative to demonstrate that you possess adequate financial resources to sustain both yourself and your child while residing in the United Kingdom.

A sum of £1,560 per month is essential for the whole duration of your visit – not exceeding 9 months. This monetary provision is required to cater to both your needs and those of your child.

If you plan to stay for a duration of 9 months or more, it is important to provide evidence of having saved £14,040 (the total of 9 months multiplied by £1,560).

You are not required to demonstrate financial means to support yourself and your child for visa extension in the UK, given that you have been residing in the country for a minimum of 12 months on an authorized visa.

Important factors to bear in mind when submitting an application for a Parent of Child Student visa:

  • It is prohibited to engage in any form of paid employment
  • Academic pursuits are not permitted
  • Initiating a business venture is strictly prohibited
  • Establishing residency as the primary abode in the UK is not allowed
  • Applications for welfare benefits are not permissible
  • Transitioning to an alternative visa category is not an option

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