EU Settlement Scheme

The European Union (‘EU’) Settlement Scheme, referred to as the EUSS, is an immigration regime of the United Kingdom introduced by the Home Office in 2019, under Appendix EU of the Immigration Rules, in response to the Brexit situation.

EEA and Swiss Nationals and their family members can apply for a status under the scheme in order to continue living and working in the UK. Family members who wish to join their EEA/Swiss Family Members can apply for an EUSS Family Permit in order to travel to the UK, and will then apply for a status under the scheme on arrival in the UK. You can read more about both the EUSS, and the EUSS Family Permit by clicking on the links below.

EU Settlement Scheme Family Permit

The EU Settlement Scheme offers eligible citizens a solution for secure EU residence status in the UK. This status provides individuals with the rights and freedoms necessary to continue living, working and studying in the UK. It also gives peace of mind that their rights will be respected and protected.

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Apply for pre-settled or settled status under the EUSS

The European Union Settlement Scheme (EUSS) provides individuals with pre-settled or settled status, allowing them to lawfully remain in the UK for a period of time.

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