International Agreement Visa

The International Agreement visa is a temporary work visa for overseas nationals who will be contracted to provide a service that is covered by international law or treaty while they are in the UK.

In the United Kingdom, individuals can seek eligibility for a Temporary Work – International Agreement visa if their contract entails work that falls under the scope of international law or treaty provisions.

This encompasses various types of employment:

  • employed by a foreign governing body or an officially acknowledged global institution
  • as a personal staff member in the residence of a diplomatic representative.

The visa titled Temporary Worker – International Agreement Worker (T5) has been superseded by this new visa.

Instead, opt for a Service Supplier visa (Global Business Mobility) when seeking to offer your services to a UK company under a contractual agreement.


To embark on your journey to the UK, it is imperative to procure sponsorship from an authorized employer, in the form of a certificate of sponsorship, prior to commencing the application process.

Your activities in the United Kingdom should be in accordance with the tasks assigned by the organization sponsoring you.

How long it takes

The opportunity to request a visa for work in the UK arises up to 3 months prior to your anticipated employment commencement, as indicated on your certificate of sponsorship.

Getting a decision

Typically, following your online submission, verification of identity, and submission of required documentation, a decision regarding your visa application will usually be reached within:

  • If you are located outside of the United Kingdom, the timeframe for completion is 3 weeks.
  • If you are located within the United Kingdom, the timeframe for completion is 8 weeks.

In the event that you have an appointment you must attend, there exists an opportunity to expedite the decision-making process by making a payment. The method you choose to utilize in order to do so will be contingent upon your location, either within or outside the confines of the United Kingdom.

For more information on International Agreement Visas, please get in contact where we would love to discuss further on how we could help you.

For more information on International Agreement Visas, please get in contact where we would love to discuss further on how we could help you.

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How much it costs

Each individual, be it yourself, your significant other, or your offspring, must each undertake the following tasks:

  • Submit the payment for the application fee
  • Fulfill the payment of the healthcare surcharge, typically set at £624 per annum
  • verify the exact amount you are obliged to pay
  • Demonstrate sufficient personal savings as evidence
  • review the eligibility criteria for the specific savings threshold

Application fee

Each individual’s application mandates a payment of £259.

The fee remains identical regardless of whether you are submitting your application within the UK or from a location outside of the country.

How long you can stay

The duration of your stay in the United Kingdom is determined by the nature of your occupation.

For overseas government employees or international organization professionals, the duration of their stay in a foreign country is limited to a maximum of 2 years, or the duration specified on their sponsorship certificate, with the addition of up to 14 days, whichever is the lesser period.

In the event that one finds themselves employed as a domestic worker within a diplomatic residence, they have the advantageous opportunity to remain employed for a maximum period of 5 years. One can choose to apply for an extension of up to 2 years at a time or opt for the duration specified on their certificate of sponsorship plus an additional period of up to 14 days, whichever of these two options proves to be less time-consuming.

When you can enter and leave

The date your visa commences grants you access to enter the United Kingdom.

If your employment unexpectedly ends ahead of schedule, there’s a possibility that you may have to depart from the United Kingdom within a span of 60 days. However, it is improbable for you to be required to leave if your visa still has less than 60 days left before expiration.

What you can and cannot do

You can:

  • Obtain an Academic Technology Approval Scheme certificate for certain courses you wish to pursue.
  • Engage in the employment specified in your certificate of sponsorship, which is provided by your sponsor.
  • Take on a secondary job from the Skilled Worker shortage occupation list or within the same industry as your primary job, for a maximum of 20 hours per week, unless you are employed as a private servant.
  • Pursue further studies that do not disrupt or conflict with the responsibilities of your sponsored job.
  • Have the freedom to travel internationally and return to the UK.
  • Bring your eligible partner and children along as dependants.

You cannot:

  • secure government grants
  • commence employment prior to visa acquisition

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International Agreement Visa

The International Agreement Visa is the perfect tool for global business professionals and entrepreneurs. It allows for seamless international travel with access to over 100 countries.

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