Seasonal Worker Visa

Seasonal Worker visa ( Temporary Work)

The UK offers an exciting and unique opportunity for individuals to obtain a Seasonal Worker visa, enabling them to apply and engage in employment across a range of diverse sectors.

  • Engaging in horticulture activities, such as harvesting crops or tending to blooming flowers, is permitted for a maximum duration of 6 months.
  • Raising poultry is authorised from 2nd October until the 31st of December, within the same calendar year.

Make sure to submit your applications for poultry Seasonal Worker visas before the deadline of November 15th every year.

Any time, year-round, is suitable for submitting your application for horticulture Seasonal Worker visas.

You will be required to:

  • Be supported by a sponsor
  • Fulfill all other necessary criteria for eligibility

The T5 visa, previously known as the Temporary Worker – Seasonal Worker visa, has been substituted by this visa.

What is the duration required?

The UK offers the opportunity to apply for a visa as soon as three months prior to commencing work, with the specific commencement date indicated on your certificate of sponsorship.

Reaching a conclusion

Once you have fulfilled the online application process, successfully confirmed your identity, and provided the necessary documents, an estimated timeframe of around three weeks can be expected for a decision to be reached regarding your visa application.

What is the expense associated with it?

The fulfilment of necessary actions involves:

  • Ensure the application is accompanied by the necessary payment.
  • Validate your ability to cover the expenses with adequate personal funds.

You can enter the UK as soon as your visa is valid (up to 14 days before the start date of your job).

If you need additional details regarding our Seasonal Worker Visas, feel free to reach out to us. We are excited about the opportunity to have a conversation and explore ways in which we can be of assistance to you.

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